In 1970 Matthias and Maria Hennes opened the wildlife park on the Moselle heights near Klotten. One of the largest plants in the region was built on around 30 hectares of land. Here native and also animals from all over the world were cared for and kept in a way that was close to nature. The park quickly developed into an attraction in the Eifel / Moselle region.

In 1995 the sons Josef and Hubert Hennes took over the wildlife park from their parents. They agreed to make the park even more interesting and varied with new ideas. The cable car and water bob facility were built in the first year of the takeover. Since then, not a year has passed without building and working to develop the site into a leisure and adventure park for the whole family.

The roller coaster went into operation in 2004 as the highlight of the new orientation of the park.

One of the largest investments was made in 2011/2012: the construction of the “Zum Rittersturz” white water rink. Until 2014, it was the record holder in Germany: Nowhere else in German theme parks was there a bigger, steeper, faster pace for visitors.
Despite the further development, the Hennes brothers never neglected the game area. Here too, investments were made continuously. This is how the coati move into their new home for the 2013 season.

A falconry was established in 2010.

Josef Hennes died in July 2017 and bequeathed the shares of the park to his wife and children. Since then, new ideas have continued to be implemented.

The smallest visitors were in the foreground in 2018 and 2019. An adventure playground, a barefoot path and a steam engine for playing and climbing were built. Most recently, two new rides were created in 2019, the “Klotti Botti” tea cup carousel and the “Klotti Karotti” carousel, which is suitable for children from the age of two, and are geared specifically to the wishes of the youngest visitors.

In 2020, the long-awaited construction project for the roller coaster and white water rink will be completed. A castle complex will be built between the two railways. This includes the Dark Ride – Kunibert’s Adventure, this is the first indoor track in the Klotti Park.

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