Group offerings

Guided nature experience programs

Bears and coatis
Here you have the opportunity to admire these predators up close. On our short tour, you will not only learn about the biology of these wonderful animals, but also get information about their lives in human care.

God knows
Why does the vulture have such a long neck and how well can an eagle see? Learn amazing things about the park’s birds of prey and compete with the hunters of the skies.

Multi-Kulti in the german forest
Muffle, fallow deer and raccoon are now almost completely natural in our fauna. But they come from far and were brought in by man. Let us surprise you with which problems this is and what the solution might look like.

Why can birds fly and does the ostrich really stick its head in the sand? Big and small birds from all over the world live with us in Klotti. Learn a lot of interesting facts about the largest bird on earth and about the special features of our exotic friends.

The programs take about 1 hour and are adapted to the respective age groups. For our young guests the playful experience is in the foreground, the older participants are allowed to gain and discuss experiences themselves.

The price per group (max 25 persons) is 45,00 €

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