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Adrenaline kick desired?

Dare to take a ride on one of the highest and steepest white-water rides in Rhineland-Palatinate or dare to enter the castle of Knight Kunibert and his ancestors.

But you can also have it more comfortable: horse riding, Klotti climbing tower, giant slides, or simply a breather at the manger or in the Quick-Inn.

For the smaller guests we have Kidi-Bob, Kidi-Bag, bouncy cushion, swings and playground as suitable alternatives for age-appropriate pleasure. Not to forget the puppeteer. Several times the day the curtain opens and the small and tall visitors are going to be delighted by the fascinating puppet stars.

Kunibert’s Abenteuer

An interactive family ride

The bravest dare to enter the castle of knight Kunibert and his ancestors, inhabited by Mrs. Schute alone for years. It is said that ghosts are living in the castle and planning a ball as a surprise for the return of Knight Kunibert. Is that right? The only way to find out is a ride through the castle. Use
laser batons to hunt for points and illuminate the castle with interactive matches. If you succeed, the ghosts will become visible. Look forward to a tough competition in a spooky atmosphere.

0 – 7 years accompanied by an adult

New: Klotti Drifter

Hop on board the Klotti Drifter

Here you take the wheel! If you like it thrilling and fast, you´ll have a great time on the Klotti Drifter! By pulling the handbrake, you can steer the vehicle independently on the circular track.

4 – 7 years accompanied by an adult

Zum Rittersturz

The white-water ride

Our white-water ride “Zum Rittersturz”, opened in 2012, is setting up a record. So steep and so fast it will only run with us. And so we are the German “champions” of white-water rides. Over a distance of 240 meters and from a 25 meter high starting point you rumble down with a velocity of up to 75 kilometers per hour. 220 seconds of unforgettable action are guaranteed in this rapid boat trip.

4 – 8 years accompanied by an adult,
minimum size 1,10 m

Horse riding paddock

Hop, hop rider. This course can be managed by everyone. The electrical horse riding leads you through a lovely designed course and brings fun to the young and old riders! And nobody has to fall down, it’s simply a pure horse riding pleasure and guaranteed free of pain.

under 4 years accompanied by an adult

The Hot Ride


Please note: our roller coaster “The Hot Ride” is closed until further notice.

Fortune favors the brave. Even if it’s only for some minutes: The Hot Ride on the Klotti roller coaster is nothing for scaredy-cats, because the race is too fast, too steep and too high. A fullness of bends, a maximum of slope and a velocity of nearby 60 km/h make catch your breath and sink your heart. But everything will turn out all right: Anyone who has mastered this 550 m long ride will not be shocked otherwise on this day.

4 – 5 years accompanied by an adult,
minimum size 1,00 m

Klotti‘s adventure farm

For our smallest guests under 3 years there is a great play stable to discover. You can slip into a variety of animal roles and see the world from the perspective of animals. Of course, a tractor with slide and a swing may not be missing. For children over 3 years that means climbing, climbing, climbing. First of all, Klotti’s tree house must be conquered. From there you can courageously climb through the stainless steel lattice tunnel. If you keep the balance very well, dare to the balancing posts. Those who want to move slowly, practice at the loop bridge and the gap bridge. Our new water play area provides cooling – especially in the summer – inviting you to romp and splash like crazy.

Klotti’s steam Engine

Already since the season 2018 Klotti’s adventure farm inspires our smallest guests. Here you can play and romp to your heart’s content. To make you climb, balance and discover even more, we have worked out something very special for you, Klotti’s steam engine! Discover the steam engine with its machine parts and tools from the inside. Climb through tunnels, overcome the balancing route and experience the technology of the steam engine. The brave will conquer the steam boiler with its chimney and penetrate through the climbing tunnel into the heart of the steam engine.

Klotti’s water pleasure

Water and merry-go-rounds? Yes! Klotti’s water pleasure makes it possible. For the little park visitor an absolute must turning a cozy round in those rotating watering cans.

under 6 years accompanied by an adult

Klotti Botti

Klotti Botti guarantees a lot of fun for our young and old guests. You can expect a rapid spin in rotating barrels.

from 2 years and 0,90 m accompanied by an adult,
from 4 years and 1,05 m without accompaniment

Klotti Karotti

Klotti Karotti delights all guests! Let the rabbits take you on an adventurous ride.

from 2 years and 0,90 m accompanied by an adult,
from 4 years and 0,90 m without accompaniment

Klotti climbing tower

Here muscles are required: This 10-meter high tower has to be conquered under one’s own steam, but it is worth the effort. Before reaching the floor in a gentle fall, you can enjoy the splendid view over the park

from 4 years accompanied by an adult,
from 7 years without accompaniment

Dinghy water slide

For all the boat drivers and leisure time captains: On the dinghy water slide you can easily test your talent for the wet elements..

from 3 years accompanied by an adult,
from 8 years without accompaniment

Giant slide

Who will be the fastest one on this giant slide? Parallel on 4 lanes you can make your slide become a head-to-head speed challenge with your neighbor. To prevent your backside from getting too hot, the carpet underlay may not reduce the speed, but the heat development.

from 4 years accompanied by an adult,
from 7 years without accompaniment

Wild water roundabout

Round and round are moving the gondolas in this attraction. But the passengers are not helpless, they alone determine by control of where you’re going.

from 1,00 m accompanied by an adult,
from 1,20 m without accompaniment

Kidi Bag

The helmet on your head and in the mini gravel pit you go. Here one can see who has the makings of a caterpillar driver. Using the right lever, the bulk goods will be loaded in a professional manner. The little drivers would really like to stay at their ‘workplace’.

Motor swing Komet

The easiest way to swing, because the electric drive ensures movement. With the guide wire you can turn on the electric motor and determinate, according to your own tastes, the highness you want to reach with the swing.

from 6 years

Klotti’s bouncy cushion

Since 2008 a special attraction: The big bouncy cushion, that allows jumps, somersaults and much more acrobatic. Simply a jumping pleasure for the whole family.

Water bobsleigh

A splashing attraction, when the bobsleigh roars down the ramp and then splashes into the water basin. The bobsleigh drives via gearwheel and its occupants are being transported upwards, and then starts the fast descent. The more water is splashing, the bigger is the joy of the children.

from 7 years, minimum size 1,25 m

Barefoot path

On the barefoot path the different undergrounds can be felt.

Cable railway

Watch the world from above. Our cable railway makes it possible. Over a length of approximately 40 meters the cable railway goes past some park attractions at a height of 8 meters.

from 7 years


For decades absolutely the attracting point for our smallest guests, a playground with all the trimmings. Here you may slide, swing and bounce. Mini merry-go-round and a children’s trampoline are part of the equipping too. Here young children feel comfortable, really liking to stay there playing.

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